This sale is for a Absolutely stunning HUGE 2.25ct Old Mine cut Light Fancy PINKISH brown diamond solitaire ring.


This is a stunning large 2.25ct Old Mine cut Light Fancy PINKISH Brown diamond.


This sale price is only applicable when paid directly and not through PayPal. Please contact us first. You still have full payment protection by the consumer contracts legislation and our return policy still fully applies so you have all the FULL protection you would have elsewhere.


This stunning diamond offers a massive investment opportunity being one of the most rare colours available. These pink diamonds command prices from a few thousand for 0.30ct to over 1 hundred thousands for larger stone of 1ct and above. See the James Allen website and do your own internet searches to see for yourself the prized nature of pink diamonds and their values.


The diamond has a full diamond report from AGI (Antwerp Gemologische Instelling). The leading gemmological appraisers in the UK. Certificate number 987954.


The colour of the stone is Light Fancy Pinkish brown (see colour hue chart in pictures)

The clarity of the stone is I1 


This diamond is simply stunning and in terms of investment is possibly the best I have seen. Old Mine cut diamonds offer the best investment diamonds due to their increasing rarity and especially in these large sizes and even more so in this colour. Cut by hand and without the aid of modern machinery each Old Mine cut diamond has its own individual charm and character. Old Mine cut diamonds are not being cut any more (having been superseded by the bland characterless modern brilliant cuts) making them superb investment diamonds as well as being unique (each stone being different) and therefore personal to the owner. Something that I truly believe is one of there greatest assets. No two are ever the same....just like the people that wear them. It is no surprise that Old Mine cut diamonds are the diamonds of choice or Royalty all over the world.


I would very much suggest you do some research into PINK and PINKISH diamonds and coloured diamonds.


It would make the most stunning engagement ring or simply to make someone feel VERY special (even if that person is you).


All our pictures are taken with a Macro zoom lens to allow for very detailed inspection of the ring. This helps to ensure you are getting the ring as it is advertised and without any fabrications. Other sellers do not do this and try to hide the true facts with less than good photos and inaccurate descriptions. When you buy from R.D.Brown and Son's you truly get a superb deal and excellent customer service.

Stunning Platinum 2.25ct OLD MINE CUT light fancy PINK solitaire diamond ring